Monday, June 18, 2012

Poor Hazel

The other day I handed my youngest daughter, Hazel, to a nursery worker
Hazel gave a look to the caretaker that I had never seen her give before.
A look you don't expect to see from a 1 year old.
At first I didn't think much of it. Maybe she's just a really judgmental kid.
Then it hit me
(Expensive flashback effect)

As I was about to hand Hazel over I caught a whiff of something foul

Boom. there it was. A startlingly offensive case of halitosis.
It was like what I imagine a zombie would smell like if it had just eaten a gang of hobos.
And poor Hazel was at ground zero.
So as soon as I could I raced back to snatch her from an untimely (and stinky)  fate
Thankfully she was okay. Mostly.
But I have a funny suspicion she's holding a grudge... :(


Kenji Ono said...

Great stuff.
The Zombie picture works really well!

Le Tang said...

Hey I trademarked 'Hobo Blood'!

Cameron Thompson said...

HAHA the cloud's expression is priceless